15 December 2013

from one junkie to another

tj the junior junkie recently sent me some new-to-me double play cards.  just when i thought i was close to having my list up to date…

here's a 1991 score ozzie guillen all-star subset card
it looks like tom foley needs an adult on his 1992 score card
i really like the double play ballet on display on mike bordick's 1993 pinnacle card
it was nice of pinnacle to keep all the body parts inside the image window.

speaking of body parts, is that base coach elbow we see on lance blankenship's 1993 topps stadium club card?
also from 1993, here's benji gil's upper deck card
it's hard to believe that i didn't already have this card pulled for the dp binder.

here's a 1997 score robby thompson
and a 2000 skybox dominion kevin stocker
i don't know who shaun boyd is, but i am glad bowman used this photo for his 2002 card
and now we are in the present with this 2013 topps update luis valbuena card
thanks for the cards tj!  i'll be sending you some stuff again soon...


The Junior Junkie said...

I already have another stack of DP's to send out. There are so many!

Mark Hoyle said...

Do you have the '56 topps Billy Klaus card. Red Sox shortstop. Great DP card

gcrl said...

Yes. Lots of good dp cards in the 56 set.