22 December 2013

i am continuing to say happy birthday to a dodger great!

topps doesn't always feature steve garvey as a dodger in their modern sets, much to my chagrin.  back in 2012, they got it 'right'.  sort of.  here's a card of the birthday boy from 2012 topps triple threads - it's one of those auto/triple relics with some silly phrase cut out.  this one is numbered 4/9
garvey is indeed a 'dodgers great'.  i appreciate the 1980 photo of the garv, but not the pinstriped padres relics.  sure, the pinstripes make it easy for me to see that there are, in fact, three independent pieces of cloth in there, but with this low of a print run, i was kind of hoping for some red jersey number.

i picked up a couple other garvey cards from 2012 topps triple threads last year, including an auto/relic
numbered to 99 that addresses his all-star game success that i mentioned earlier today.

i also grabbed a plain old 'unity' relic
numbered to 18.  this one deals with his breakthrough 1974 season in which he won the national league mvp award
unfortunately for me, garvey didn't make the cut for 2013 topps triple threads, but there were still plenty of new cards to chase.  stay tuned!

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