22 December 2013

a red number day for me and for steve garvey

so not only is today steve garvey's 65th birthday, this post just so happens to be my 2000th post here on this blog.  i had made this milestone an unspoken stretch goal for 2014, and i have been able to post more than i had in any of my previous 4+ years.  i'm not completely sure what 2014 will bring, but i've enjoyed my time with the blog this year for certain.

i now the term is 'red letter day', but 'red number' fits better when you consider the dodger uniform and this 2011 topps marquee auto/dual relic 'acclaimed impressions' card
i really am a sucker for the red uniform number.  i have another card from this same set/print run, but it's got the blue jersey text patch
one of the things i am planning to do in 2014 is post my entire garvey card collection.  not all at once of course, but page by page perhaps.  when i do, you will see that for many releases, i have a number of the same card with different jersey/patch configurations.  it's a bit much i suppose, but this is pretty much my only vice.  so i justify it.

back to red stuff, here's a red parallel, also from 2011 topps marquee, of a garvey 'titanic threads' card
i like the big swatch, but not at the expense of a tiny photo.  i'm sure that there is a happy medium that could be achieved.

more red - this is a 2005 donruss team heroes showdown parallel
while this is a 2005 playoff prestige xtra bases parallel
unfortunately, the only red on this next card is in the background - no jersey number relics.  it's from 2005 playoff absolute memorabilia, and it features garvey along with darryl strawberry and rickey henderson
as well as kaz ishii, paul loduca, and kevin brown
not sure where loduca's jersey piece is coming from - florida or new york - but it sure isn't la.

post 2001 will be up shortly as i continue to celebrate garvey's birthday.  before then, a quick thank you to those of you who have bothered to read this stuff over the last 5+ years, and to those with whom i've successfully traded - it's appreciated.


MrMopar said...

I am not sure I have that red showdown parallel, but you never see any of those nowadays!

Nick said...

Congrats on 2,000 posts! I can't wait to see your entire Garvey collection.

Dhoff said...

Congrats, man.