22 January 2010

what sort of tribute is this?

let's get something straight topps (and upper deck and panini and anyone else who is planning to manufacture baseball cards):  steve garvey is first and foremost a dodger.

topps got it right with their 2009 garvey ring of honor insert, but completely blew it by releasing this card in their 2009 topps tribute set:

enough with the padres cards.  i doubt that the set includes harmon killebrew as a royal. or ron santo as a white sock.  just put garvey in his dodger whites with the bright red number on the front and call it a day.


[of course, i still bought the card - it's steve garvey!]


Captain Canuck said...

really? Garvey played for the Dodgers too?

Rod said...

That is truly an exceptional card of one of the all time Padre greats.

Wrigley Wax said...

Steve Garvey in a Padres uniform is a sight I don't want to look at. Bad memories from the 1984 NLCS keep coming back. I have Steve Garvey (or at least Padre Steve Garvey)!

gcrl said...

smart asses the both of you!