01 April 2009

the greatest dodger

i know that the namesake of this blog is the great dodgers' infield of the 70s and early 80s, and that i have many times professed my fandom of steven patrick garvey. but i must confess, this guy is truly my favorite, and one of the greatest dodgers ever, on and off the field.it's also one of my favorite cards of all time.

a player runs in left field, on one leg sliding.


*edit* not really. see underlined text above.


night owl said...

Sheffield? Really?

That's surprising. I think he gets a little bit of a bad rap. But I think a lot of it is warranted.

As a player, he's fantastic.

gcrl said...

Take a look at that last sentence. The first letter of each word specifically.

night owl said...

That's too clever for me.

But cool!