08 November 2013

one good turn deserves two more

i recently sent a card to mr haverkamp.  it was a dan gladden card from a twins sga set that had eluded him for several years.  i found it (and the complete set) at a flea market for $2.  one man's flea market fodder is another man's white whale.  anyway, i received a couple of cards in return - both from 2003 topps 205, and both double play cards.

the first one is a mike sweeney/alex rodriguez combo with an oddly cropped action photo
oh, sorry.  that's a card of alexander rodriguez and michael sweeney
some might not recall that rodriguez was a pretty good fielding shortstop, especially in his texas years, before moving to third base when he joined the yankees.

here's an even better fielding shortstop, omar vizquel, sharing space with rodriguez on the other card jim sent
i will fill in the blank on the back - vizquel won 9 (consecutive) american league gold gloves, plus 2 more in the national league after the time that this card was printed.
vizquel's stranglehold on the award was broken by rodriguez in 2002.

jim, thanks for sending these nice double play cards!

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