04 November 2013

all eyes on karros

eric karros, the los angeles dodgers' all-time home run leader, turns 46 today.  i have a few karros cards in the scanned folder, and today seems like a good day to post them.  i love this 2000 pacific omega card.
his eyes are so wide, i am guessing that he cannot believe that glenn hoffman is waving him home.

i like that card so much that i chose to lead with it instead of this fantastic 1993 upper deck iooss collection insert.
that's a nice night shot of dodger stadium.

here's a former nefarious 9 card that i picked up - 1993 o-pee-chee premier star performers insert
also featuring dodger stadium.

now we get to the weird stuff.  here's a 1998 topps tek card
with one of the hundred or so acetate designs.  and here's a 2001 donruss card that is really a 2000 donruss card.
donruss didn't make cards in 1999 or 2000, so in 2001 they released some 'should have been' cards.  this looks like a food issue to me.  still, i liked the 'what if' cards that donruss produced as part of 2002 donruss originals.  like this 1980 donruss what if card of duke snider
that is better than the 1981 actual issue, but we have to recognize that donruss had a few years to come up with some better designs.

back to karros, here are a couple of cards that he signed for me through the mail last year.  first, his 1993 topps card, with the rookie cup
followed by one of my favorite cards - his 1994 upper deck collector's choice card
here we have dodger stadium, the jackie robinson award, and the tim crews memorial patch.  this card fits in to my dodger, dodger stadium, and memorial collections.  it's a good thing i don't also collect cards featuring awards like nick and daniel.

here's to you, eric karros!  happy birthday and thanks for signing my cards.


Daniel Wilson said...

As a former Dodgers fan(pre-1998), Karros was one of my favorite players. I do love the last card there with him holding his ROY award!


I played for Dodgers in Little League. Does that count ?

Love the Donruss Duke !