09 November 2013

i'm not sure mom at the plate could have done better

good ol' patp noted the good luck he had the other day with one of those topps 'mega' packs picked out for him by his mom.  well, i picked up a mega pack of my own; one that i myself chose from the rack.  now, the regular 2013 topps update packs didn't really include anything special, but here are two of the cards that were in the first pack of the topps chrome update that i opened
clayton kershaw and yasiel puig. it doesn't get much better than that for dodger fans, at least as far as update goes.  the other six cards (they are 4 to a pack) weren't too bad either
the garza is already on its way to patp but the others are available.


arpsmith said...

Would like to trade for the Posey. I have started putting some Dodgers aside for you. Up for a bubble mailer trade?

Play at the Plate said...

She could not top that for a Dodgera fan.