28 November 2013

i am also thankful for cards that show the double play turn at second base

and i am especially thankful for cub season ticket holders that broke their sga sets and sold them as singles for low prices.  that's how i got this 2013 topps cubs season ticket holder giveaway glenn beckert card
thanks to wrigley wax for bringing this card to my attention.

also from 2013, but more widely available, is a 2013 topps allen & ginter dan uggla card
horizontal a&g isn't the best.

here's a 2012 topps jason kipnis.
i've shown a couple of other versions of this card, but never the regular ol' base. until today.

here's a 2012 topps pro debut jeremy patton card
i believe that the muckdogs are in the cardinal organization. i saw this one while digging through comc one day.  it was cheaper on sportlots, though.

how about a 2009 bowman draft picks & prospects brian dozier?
doze made the move to second this past season and did alright.  2014 is his 'year 27' season, and i've got him on my sleeper list for my fantasy draft next year.

now is the time when we see some chone figgins cards - 2008 upper deck first edition
and 2005 donruss
here's fellow angel darin erstad, although he's on miguel tejada's 2007 upper deck team checklist card
and i will end the post with some phillies.  first, cole hamels on a 2008 topps stadium club card (a 1st day issue parallel)
next, a couple of jimmy rollins cards - 2005 upper deck first pitch
and 2004 upper deck
it seems like double play cards are cropping up at every turn.  i am thankful to the bloggers who send me new ones in trade packages (and emails with links to images of dp cards) - someday i will catch up and get my 'have' list to match my actual haves!

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