03 November 2013

more dime box double plays by proxy

earlier today i showed a hall of fame third baseman turning two, thanks to nick of dime boxes.  now, here's a very good hitting third baseman also turning two.  again, the card comes courtesy of nick (as do the rest of the cards in this post), but this time the subject is gary sheffield on a 1991 fleer ultra card.
looks like carney lansford has broken up the dp attempt.  but wait, you say.  sheffield played only third base in 1990, and only appeared at shortstop in 1988 and 1989. well, thanks to the number on sheffield's jersey, we know that this photo is from one of those two seasons (he switched to 11 for the 1990 season).  i would guess that the featured play took place on mother's day 1989 - may 14.  in the second inning, lansford reached on a single but was forced out (3-6) on a stan javier grounder.

less interesting, but still a turn at two, here is a 2004 fleer tradition d'angelo jimenez card
a 2005 fleer ultra david eckstein card
a 2007 topps omar vizquel card
a 2008 topps opening day mark loretta card
a 2010 topps jason bartlett walmart black card
a 2012 topps mike aviles card
a 2012 topps reid brignac target red card
a 2012 topps stephen drew card
and, finally, a 2013 topps ian desmond target red card
thanks again for being my dime box proxy nick!

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