17 November 2013

easley like sunday afternoon

i missed the target in getting this post done for this morning.  still, damion easley makes it look easy as he turns double plays.  have a look.

1993 upper deck sp - front
and back
1995 donruss top of the order
1995 upper deck collector's choice
and 1996 pacific
not to be outdone, easeley's double play partner gary disarcina gets into the action as well.  in fact, that may well be easley in the background of disar's 1995 leaf card
and that could be easley's arm on disar's 1996 pinnacle summit card
and then also on the foil parallel as well
but i am more intrigued by the appearance of a dodger trying to break up the double play turn.  looks like reggie williams to me.

finally, disarcina gets a double play card all to himself - his 1993 upper deck sp card
which is back where this post started.  i'll try harder for tomorrow, but no promises.


Nick said...

That's quite a few Easley double dips. I often find myself wondering which player received the most double play cards, but I'm too lazy to actually look into it.

gcrl said...

Robbie alomar maybe? Pat Kelly and Brent gates have a lot too.

night owl said...

It's never too late to say: Everybody wants me to be what they want me to be.