12 November 2013

it's been 20 years for these cards

here i am in 2013 posting cards from 1993.  when i started collecting in earnest in 1978, 20-year old cards were things that i never considered to be within my reach.  if there is a kid who started collecting this year, these cards are as old to him as those 1958 topps cards were to me.  yikes.

1993 action packed reggie smith
there just aren't enough reggie smith cards printed after 1983.

1993 fleer flair jim gott
two photos on one card!  a floating head and torso card!  this makes me think of those bad two-in-one school portraits from the 80's.

1993 fleer ultra eric karros ultra performers
fleer saw it's two photos on flair and raised itself to five photos on this card.  he hits! he runs! he looks to his right!

1993 ted williams jim gilliam goin' north
gilliam did go north - from spring training in florida all the way to montreal in 1951 and 1952.  then he went almost due south to brooklyn.

1993 topps kevin gross
and roger mcdowell
those two cards give us opposing views of dodger stadium

1993 topps stadium club mike scioscia
looks like scioscia has figured out that if you take selfies while looking up, your double chin goes away.

1993 upper deck darryl strawberry
the hero shot.  this card might make my top 20 dodger cards, if i ever were to make such a list.

1993 upper deck jody reed
and a signed version
reed signed the card for me through the mail about 18 years after the card was released.

it's probably a good bet that in a couple of months i will do another 20 years later post with some 1994 cards.


unclemoe said...

That Karros is pretty great.

CaptKirk42 said...

Nice "Junk Years" Cards. LOL. It is kind of strange to think that to kids now days the cards that many collectors consider "Junk Wax" are 1) 20 years old and 2) Actually pretty nice looking. It is a shame that they are not even worth half of the cardboard they are printed on.

Mark Hoyle said...

Started collecting in'72. It was a big deal if I ever ended up with a '67 or '68 card . Never mind a card from the 50's