25 November 2013

the sue burns memorial patch

harmon burns led the group who purchased the san francisco giants in 1992, and in doing so may well have saved the team from moving to tampa bay.  after he passed away in 2006, his wife, sue burns, became the principal owner of the team.  she took an active role with the team, and was considered by many to be a 'team mom', attending every game and hosting team get-togethers at her home.

after she passed away from complications due to lung cancer on july 19, 2009, the giants wore a 'burns' memorial patch on their right sleeves, as seen on this 2010 bowman freddy sanchez card
she had only been diagnosed with late stage lung cancer on july 10 - nine days earlier - and later that day missed her first giants' home game in several years - a game that turned out to be a no-hitter thrown by jonathan sanchez.  

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