10 November 2013

why not eazy-ethier?

i received my cards from the crackin' wax charity 2013 topps triple threads group break last week.  topher pulled two 'hits' for me - the first of which was this andre ethier triple relic
it looks nice, and at least topps rotated one of the plain white swatches to let me know that there are at least two individual pieces of cloth in there.  but what is 'dr. andre' about?  obviously it is a play on socal's own dr. dre, but i have never heard anyone refer to ethier that way.  the back has a writeup that tries to tie things in to dr. dre, but this is a big miss, even for topps triple threads.  as i said in the title of this post, did topps consider eazy-ethier as well?  shoot, i would have understood 'gay for dre', but dr. andre is just silly.

here's the other hit - a redemption for a clayton kershaw unity auto jumbo relic emerald parallel.  that's a lot going on there.
i redeemed the code yesterday, and put the 'redemption watch' gadget there on the right (if you're looking at the web version of the blog).  i wanted a reverse countdown clock, but couldn't find one of those.  anyway, it's one day and counting for topps...

here are the base cards - kershaw
duke snider
hanley ramirez
yasiel puig
i got three purple parallels (numbered to 650) - puig
jackie robinson
and zack greinke
just one green parallel (numbered to 250) - adrian gonzalez
and the last card was a red parallel (numbered to 125) of matt kemp
this was the third crackin' wax group break i participated in this year, and i encourage you to check out topher's site for future breaks.  i see that i am already too late for the 2014 topps series 1 jumbo case break dodgers.  don't let that happen to you.

thanks topher!


Fuji said...

Wow... you did really well in that break. Congratulations.

Crackin Wax said...

You know I'm always happy to have you in the breaks, buddy! Thanks for giving to such a great charity, too!