18 November 2013

another minor league memorial patch

james f. maloney, one of the people instrumental in bringing the trenton thunder to new jersey from its previous home in london, ontario, died of a heart attack in september of 1994.  for the 1995 season, the team wore 'jfm' memorial patches, as evidenced by this 1995 best pork chop pough card
while the team had been the aa affiliate of the detroit tigers since 1985, it became a red sox affiliate prior to the 1995 season.  it is currently a part of the yankee organization.

this is the second minor league memorial patch i have showcased (here's the first).  while i know that the yankee minor league clubs wore black armbands in memory of thurman munson and roger maris as the parent club did, i am interested to know of other unique minor league memorials.

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