23 November 2013

fantastic trade with nolan's dugout

it's about time i showed off some of the great cards that kyle from nolan's dugout sent my way in trade a while back.  believe it or not, i am showing only one dodger from the lot - a 1988 fantastic sam's baseball superstars pedro guerrero 'card'.
it also serves as a contest entry with some great although vaguely described prizes.  go here or here to learn more.

the other cards in the package were some really nice 'memorials' (i will save those for other posts) and double plays.  kyle sent along some twin killings that were new to my collection, so let's check them out!

1996 pacific jay bell
1996 pacific tripp cromer
bet you didn't know that cromer is a former dodger

1997 pacific felipe crespo
1997 pacific pat meares
1997 pacific rey sanchez
1998 pacific (is this when they started officially calling this release) crown collection (?) kurt abbott
1998 pacific invincible gems of the diamond pat kelly
1998 pacific invincible gems of the diamond luis rivera
yes, this is the same luis rivera who began his career in the 1980's with the expos.  he was out of the big leagues for a couple of seasons in the mid-1990's before resurfacing with the astros in 1997.

2001 upper deck victory benji gil
gil was a pretty highly rated prospect in the rangers' system back in the early 1990's.  he spent two years in the minors after leaving texas before he was picked up by the angels.  gil hit .800 (4 for 5) in the 2002 world series en route to winning a ring, so he has that going for him.

last but not least, 2006 bazooka jack wilson
thanks for the trade kyle!

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