19 November 2013

show 'em if you got 'em

i've got quite a few cards sitting in my scanned folder.  most are dodgers, double plays, or memorial cards waiting for their post.  some are miscellaneous cards from random years and teams.  with a lot of those, i am left scratching my head, kind of like bob kennedy on his 1965 topps card, 
as to why i scanned them.  i would guess that kennedy's card got scanned due to his 'head coach' designation.  the cubs went a few seasons without a manager, apparently.  just a group of rotating head coaches.  wrigley wax wrote all about it a while back.

speaking of managers, here's the pilots' skipper, joe schultz, on a 1969 topps card.
i am pretty sure i scanned this one for a dinged corners post on foreheads. night owl had the same idea. good thing i also sent an ivan calderon scan along.

and then there is a proliferation of 1970 topps in the scanned folder.  lots of gray bordered goodness.

matty alou
bob bailey
 dick bosman
bosman looks as though he is posing a few hundred feet in front of the giant green screen at universal studios in hollywood.  i think it is situated behind the 'war of the worlds' plane crash set.

chris cannizzaro, before he was a dodger
check out those relatively tame padres uniforms!

ron clark
johnny edwards
john gelnar
ralph houk
looks like elston howard in the background

speaking of howard, here's frank howard
alex johnson
he joined the angels in 1970 and led the american league in batting average.

hal lanier
denny lemaster
frank linzy
barry moore
lowell palmer!
recognized as perhaps the coolest card in topps history

gary peters
dave ricketts
another one of the best looking cards of the 1970 set, thanks to the specs and all the colors

del unser
he's got bats.  and he know how to use them.

there are a few stray 1971 topps in the folder, too.  like bob bailey
that's the second bailey.  he played for the dodgers for a couple of seasons, but i don't think i was planning a post-dodger career post.

les cain
i certainly scanned that card thanks to his use of 'sugar' in his signature.  that and the fact that he's from the central coast of california (slo town).  not sure which, really.

john o'donoghue
perhaps the scrubby tree in the background was worth giving this card a scan?

last but not least, a jim wynn card
because why not scan a toy cannon card?


Nick said...

I'm always happy when a few Pilots cards make it into a post.

Mark Hoyle said...

Interesting, on Baileys cards only one year apart. Listed as 1b/outfielder on one and 3rd/outfielder on the other. Remember him on the Red Sox in the late Seventies can't imagine him playing any position in the field