14 November 2013

a lack of fun unfolds

i recently picked up this 1994 upper deck fun pack mike piazza fold out card
i am a fan of the darryl strawberry fold out that tom from angels, in order sent a while back, and the double play cards i recently received from mr. haverkamp were cool, too.  i figured i would check out this piazza issue and bought one as part of a sportlots pick up.  it's even got the tim crews memorial patch on display.

here's the back, which tells the all too familiar tale of piazza's draft day status, blah blah blah.
let's get to the good stuff on the pages in between.
yes, my blood ran cold.  stupid 19-year old sticky stuff.

i actually found another copy, and it was obvious that the same thing was going to happen if i forced the card open.  if anyone unfolded a copy of this card when the adhesive was presumably not transformed into superglue, please let me know.  i'd like to see the centerfold.


Nick said...

I seriously just picked up that very same Piazza foldout yesterday.

I was going to try and peel it apart but decided against it. What happened to yours is probably what would happen to my copy.

defgav said...

Wish I had a few of these to experiment with techniques for getting them open safely. Maybe baking them in an oven for a couple minutes? A tiny bit of alcohol dropped in there? Might just ruin the card, though.. who knows.