03 November 2013

more dime box dodgers by proxy

here are even more cards from nick at dime boxes.  i don't usually scan so many cards from trade packages, but there were a lot of cool dodgers in addition to all those double play cards (i will scan and show any and all double play cards that are new to my collection).  here's a case in point - i couldn't scan brett butler's 1992 o-pee-chee card
without scanning his 2012 topps archives short print card
that's not a bad job by topps.

another unfamiliar looking card was this 1995 topps national packtime raul mondesi card
mondy's regular 1995 topps card is one of my all-time faves, but this one is not too bad.

staying in 1995, here is a jeff treadway card from that year's score set.
until i saw this card, i thought that the only dodger treadway cards were the 1994 police issue and the 1994 stadium club card.

in fact, there are more cards of sean pierce, such as this 2003 topps card,
in a dodger uniform than there are of treadway, even though pierce never made it out of high-a ball.

and how about this 2003 topps total card of troy brohawn?
i think it goes without saying that this is the first time brohawn has been featured on the blog.  brohawn pitched for 3 of the 5 nl west teams in his career (he never made it to the padres or rockies), and the dodgers were the last.  he was 2-0 for the blue in 2003 with a 3.86 era.  unfortunately, he couldn't get back to the big club in 2004 and his career came to an end.

here's a 1995 score select checklist featuring jeff bagwell, frank thomas, ken griffey jr, and the strongest man in socal, mike piazza
one of the few photoshopped combo cards that you will see.

finally, here is a 1998 pinnacle performers card of mike piazza
pinnacle performers was one of pinnacle's final card sets to be released, and this particular card would have been one of piazza's last cards as a dodger.  in fact, it includes the o-pee-chee like 'traded to mets' text, totally ignoring the week he spent with the marlins.

thanks again nick!  still one more post today, though...

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