24 November 2013

2013 topps update variations of a different kind

i recently participated in a group break of 2013 topps update over at andrew's baseball cards.  in addition to my dodgers, i was given the milwaukee brewers.  while i received a good number of dodger cards, there was only one insert (1971 topps mini jackie robinson).  i was able to obtain an emerald parallel of a brewer, however.  here's juan francisco in oz.
as i shuffled through the brew crew cards, i noticed a variety of uniform choices.  that francisco card shows the first baseman in the away grays.  here's jim henderson in the home whites
and here's johnny hellweg in the alternate blue jerseys
kyle lohse is featured in the set wearing the pinstriped throwbacks
and logan schafer is wearing the mustard alternate top
at least the brewers are consistent.  back in 2002, when the all-star game was held in milwaukee, the national leaguers were forced to wear mustard jerseys during the workout and other pre-game activities.  here's a couple of 2002 mlb showdown cards as proof - eric gagne
and odalis perez
looks like the roof is open on odalis' card.  do they even bother to open the roof anymore?  the games i saw there in 2002 featured it open one night and then closed the next day.  when it was closed i felt like i was watching a game in a shopping mall.  better than the metrodome, but only just.

there was an all-star jersey on a brewer in 2013 topps update, too.  here's carlos gomez wearing the mets orange jersey
so that's six different jerseys that the brewer players were wearing in this year's update.  just something i noticed.

thanks for hosting the break andrew!

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