02 November 2013

tony perez goes out in style

while i was getting ready to post about the 1978 topps dodgers as they appeared in 1987 (there are a few 'final tributes' afoot), i came across this 1987 fleer tony perez card.
it first appealed to me because of the dodger stadium background (which always enhances a card), but then i realized that it was perez's lone final tribute card.  neither topps nor donruss issued a card for the big red machine rbi man in 1987. only 15 men had driven in more runs than perez when he retired, and even now he still ranks in the top 30 all-time.  here are most of perez's career stats - the totals are correct, but 1964, '65, and '66 are missing from the year-by-year rows
stay tuned for more 1987 final tributes coming later this week.

1 comment:

Nick said...

I was actually just getting ready to do a Tony Perez final tribute post on my blog. I also find it strange that he received just one true finale.

Although I will say that his last Topps card in '86 (with the Eric Davis cameo) is a nice semi-final tribute.