30 November 2013

turning nickels into double plays and cards from tatooine at the lcs

it's cold outside, the time for layering like luis castillo on this 1998 donruss preferred card

that card is part of my double play collection since luis is straddling the second base bag and looking as though he is going to throw to first.  it's one of several dp cards i found in the nickel and dime boxes at my local card shops sometime in the last six months or so.

we've got two primary shops in the twin cities with a couple more stores where cards and supplies are also available.  of the two card shops, the one i've been to more frequently in the past year is in a suburb of minneapolis south of downton.  there are nickel boxes (if cards are sleeved, then they are typically a dime) that have proved to be a decent source of double plays and memorials.  the other shop, which i have only been to a few times over the past few years, is in a northern suburb.  it too has a few dime boxes set up in the front of the store that contains decent collection fodder.  unfortunately, i don't think i will be heading back to that shop again.  i'll tell that tale in another post.  meanwhile, here are more double plays that were new to my collection thanks to these stores.

1992 donruss ryne sandberg
not sure why i didn't have this card already, but i didn't.  i did have a parallel of this next card, a 1997 score ryne sandberg,
but not the base.  go figure.

2006 upper deck ray durham
at one time, i considered collecting cards with the chevron cards in the background, but then realized how many giants cards that would bring to my doorstep and i reconsidered.

2012 topps reid brignac
that's another card of which the base was more elusive than many of the parallels.

has juan uribe signed with anyone yet?  i forgot that he was once fairly agile, as seen on his 2004 fleer ultra card
flying over the twins' mike ryan

uribe also found himself sliding into home on tatooine courtesy of this 2009 topps card
i found this 1994 upper deck collector's choice tony phillips card during my most recent card shop visit
the first copy goes in the dp binder.  if i come across another, it will be added to the tatooine binder.

speaking of which, here are a few more that fit nicely into that binder - 2006 fleer ultra joe crede
2009 topps tom gorzelanny
and his pirate teammate, nate mclouth
as well as colorado rockie larry walker on his 1999 topps stadium club card
that walker would also fit into another one of my mini-collections, but i don't think i've revealed that one yet.

more cards from my lcs adventures to come - stay tuned.


Fuji said...

Nice dime box purchases. Tatooine binder? Very creative... I love it! The photography on the Juan Uribe, Tony Phillips, and Larry Walker cards are simply amazing.

Nick said...

Ah, I was gonna include that '94 CC Tony Phillips "double dip" in the package I've been putting together for you. Nice nickel finds!