28 November 2013

more through the mail successes to be thankful for

as i have done in previous years on the blog, i am taking some time today to be thankful for through the mail autograph successes.  it's nice of these players to have taken a bit of time and signed some cards for free, and i appreciate it.

jim fregosi was an early request in my ttm infancy. he signed a 1978 topps card for me, but when i came into a large lot of 1960's angel cards, i decided to go back to the well for a couple more autographs.  the former angel player and manager signed a 1968 topps card
and another 1978 topps card for me.
i had, up to this point, never asked any questions (other than 'would you please sign and return the enclosed cards' in a request, but i did ask fregosi about a black armband that the angels wore at some point during the 1962 season.  he didn't answer, but instead signed my letter of request.
i think i will try to ask don lee and lee thomas in future requests, unless anyone out there knows tha answer.  

thanks jim!

i also went back to ron fairly for a couple more autos.  i had previously received a 1962 topps and a 1978 o-pee-chee signed by fairly, but hoped to add a 1978 topps for my partially signed set, as well as a card from his expos days.  and so i did.
thanks ron!

ben oglivie also signed a 1973 topps card
and a 1978 topps card for me
i realized only around the time that i started this blog that i had been pronouncing his name incorrectly for about 30 years.  i would say 'ogle-vee' instead of 'oh-gli-vee'.  if you had asked me to spell his name, i would have swapped the 'i' and the 'l'.  i can spell 'yastrzemski' and 'mientkiewicz', as well as 'grudzielanek', but not 'oglivie' apparently.  

thanks ben!

as you may or may not know, most of my non-dodger ttm requests come from the 1978 topps set.  i have maybe about 250 cards signed from the set.  i am not really trying to complete a signed set, but i add to it when i can.  over the last few months, i have seen quite a few players from that set being added to the sportscardforum database.  that is good for me, as i have a bunch of doubles from the set that i can send out for autographs.

among the players who have signed for me in the last few months are:

jack brohamer
paul dade
jim mason
duffy dyer
john curtis
kiko garcia
chris knapp
ron schueler
dave revering
bill stein
and bob lacey
wait - what?  a 1982 topps card?  i had sent a '78 to lacey, but he returned a signed '82 instead.  no worries - i sent that off to patp and sent another '78 to lacey.  this time, there was no card confusion.
thanks jack and paul and jim and duffy and john and kiko and chris and ron and dave and bill and bob!

and happy thanksgiving to all!


The Angels In Order said...

Nice autographs. I love getting TTM returns too.

unclemoe said...

Whoa! Lots of good stuff. Happy Thanksgiving!

MrMopar said...

I assume you have exhausted the net for an answer, but i did a quick search with no success. however, if you were not aware of this page, it may help with other memorials.


gcrl said...

@mrmopar - i used that hof link to populate my memorial patch want list way back when. it's not completely accurate from what i have found since, but it was a great place to start.