30 November 2013

more cards rescued from the lcs

these cards all came from a dime box at one of the two local card shops in the twin cities.  i spent a few minutes digging through the boxes in the front of the store and found some cards for some of my collections.

this 1998 donruss preferred rickey henderson
doesn't really fit any of my current collections (although i used to have a pc of rickey), but i couldn't pass up a rickey card showing him in an angels uni.  besides, it has that o-pee-chee-esque text on the back
i did pick up a few vladdys for my neglected pc - 1999 upper deck
2005 fleer ultra - base
and insert
2007 upper deck
2009 upper deck team leaders
and a 2010 upper deck biography card
you would think that the card is all about matt garza.  it's not too often that you see the pitcher in focus while the batter trots around the bases on a baseball card.  i like it.

i grabbed another angel card from the box, thinking it might be a double play.  upon further inspection, this 2010 topps brandon wood card is not a dp turn
on this particular play, there were two outs with michael young on first.  wood fielded the grounder hit by marlon byrd and threw to first to end the inning (thanks baseball reference - also confirmed by getty images).  the card does show the nick adenhart memorial patch, but i've got vladdy representing that in the binder.

most of my other sub-collections were added to - here's a 1992 fleer kenny lofton card featuring an image from dodger stadium
and here's a lurking mike scioscia on a 2004 upper deck sweet spot classic card of gary carter
it's a very similar image to that which was used on carter's fantastic final tribute from 1993 score select. speaking of 1993 score select, here's brian harper's card from that set, featuring a lurking mark mcgwire
but the best play at the plate card i found was this 1992 upper deck johnny bench baseball heroes card
those are all good cards, but i don't think they are enough to lure me back to this particular lcs.  you see, when i asked to look through some non-dime boxes that were held behind the counter, i was instead pointed to a desktop computer that they had set up.  i was welcome to check their inventory online, and if they had the card i was looking for, they would be happy to pull it for me.  well, i was just wanting to browse through some mid-2000's ultra looking for dodger stadium shots or double plays.  their online database couldn't help me there.  besides, there was already a frustrated patron trying to use the computer at the time.  i did ask for a 1974 topps card that i needed at the time to complete my set - they looked it up, but didn't have it.

i understand that online sales are a big part of the card business - i do most of my shopping and all of my selling online - but it was a turnoff for me to experience that in a brick and mortar lcs.  i may purchase cards from this shop in the future, but if i do, it will be through sportlots.


Nick said...

If you ever decide to unload the Rickey, let me know. I love cards of him as an Angel, and I've never even seen that one before.

That Carter is pretty sweet, too. I'll have to look for that one.

I agree, I don't want to sit in front of a computer at a card shop. I've often gotten the reply "What are you looking for?" when I ask if people have baseball cards. I've never had a good answer.

Just give me a discount box to dig through, and I'll be happy.

JediJeff said...

Wow - look online instead of thumbing through a box? That's incredibly stupid. Do they not realize that half the sales are impulse buys?

Stupid shop owners.