18 November 2013

the mark holtz memorial patch

mark holtz was a well known voice around texas.  he served as the broadcaster for the dallas mavericks' inaugural season, and he was the play-by-play announcer for the rangers from 1981 up until his death from leukemia in 1997.  in his honor, the rangers wore a 'mh' patch for the last month of the season (holtz died on september 7, 1997).  i was happy to be able to find this 1998 donruss ivan rodriguez card that showcases the patch so prominently.
the patch isn't the only way that the rangers honored holtz, though.  holtz's signature line after a rangers' victory - 'hello win column!' - has become a fixture at the ballpark in arlington, lighting up after each rangers' win.  that's a nice tribute, too.

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J. Meeks said...

Holtz was one of the best. Tom Grieve, his last partner, still shares stories about him on-air, and "Hello Win Column!" is a fan favorite not only at the ballpark, but also by fans watching at home on both Facebook and Twitter. I'm glad that a bit of his legacy lives on!