21 November 2013

today's post is brought to you by the letter b. and the letters hof.

that's b as in brooklyn
and that's a 2011 topps update steve garvey throwback manufactured patch card, for which i was congratulated upon receiving
it is a pretty nonsensical card - garvey's only ties to the brooklyn teams, other than the franchise lineage, was that his dad was the team's spring training bus driver, and garvey served as a bat boy during spring training.  he would have been 9 when they moved to la, i think, so he may not have been a bat boy for the brooklyn teams now that i think of it.

anyway, garvey will learn the fate of his latest dance with hall of fame voters coming up on december 9.  he appears (again) on the expansion era ballot, along with some deserving managers and some very good contemporaries.  plus george steinbrenner and marvin miller.  12 of the 16 panelists need to vote for the garv for him to make it to cooperstown, and each panelist can only vote for up to 5 people on the ballot.  even though garvey's former skipper tommy lasorda is on the panel, it doesn't look particularly good for him.

either way, i will be kicking off a garvey related contest on december 9th, so keep an eye out.  hopefully, i'll be booking a trip to cooperstown that day...

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MrMopar said...

I almost don't want to see it because of the potential explosion of collectibles that will come from enshrinement. At this point though, I think he has been overlooked so long that it probably won't ever happen.