03 November 2013

even more dime box dodgers by proxy

i hope you've enjoyed (or at least tolerated) seeing so many of the cards i received from nick at dime boxes a while back.  here's the last post that the trade generated.

2013 topps clayton kershaw (and two other guys) league leader target red parallel
of the three, only kershaw will make a return appearance on league leader cards in 2014.  cueto had a decent era in 2013, but he only pitched in 11 games

here's another multi-player card, this one comes from 1997 donruss and it features tim salmon and raul mondesi
usually tim salmon was paired up with mike piazza (they were both rookies of the year in 1993) but i'll take another mondesi card in the collection.

here's the guy that the dodgers got in return for mondesi - shawn green
that's a card from 2002 donruss diamond kings.  i recall the 2005 diamond kings set, but not this 2002 version.

one of the worst sets ever has to be topps cosigners.  here is an example from the 2006 set.  it features jeff kent and rafael furcal
yes, it's a bad looking set, but team collectors like me take the bad with the good.  and with the throwaway inserts, like this topps pennant insert thingy from 2012 topps
in case you are wondering, the answer is lou johnson who hit a double in the 7th inning.  johnson also scored the game's only run, although he did that earlier in the game on a walk, sacrifice by ron fairly, and a steal of third combined with a bad throw by the cubs' catcher.

i'll finish with three cards from 2013 topps - chris capuano
who just had his 2014 option declined by the dodgers, and paco rodriguez who will hopefully be around for a while
and last but not least, a shiny chasing history insert of matt kemp
who will hopefully be back at full strength next year.

thanks again nick - let's trade again soon!

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Nick said...

Always a pleasure trading with you. Again, glad you enjoyed the cards!