30 April 2013

the kid's final tributes are all right

if i were to rank the best 'final tribute' cards of all time (and i may eventually do that), the top 3 would be the 1973 topps roberto clemente, 1969 topps mickey mantle, and 1988 score steve garvey.  what can i say, i'm a garvey fan.  and, while i don't own a copy, the 1961 fleer ted williams card would be up there, too.

so many hall of famers didn't get their due the year following their final season since they were no longer active and not included on the set checklists, which is a shame.  in recent years, with the glut of card manufacturers, it was less likely that a marquee player would be overlooked, so modern era hall of famers (and fan favorites) seem to be receiving that final cardboard sendoff.

none may have had it better than gary carter.  take a look at the three mainstream releases he had in 1993.

upper deck
 and score select
carter received a special tribute subset in the 1992 o-pee-chee set, but those cards didn't include his stats from his final season.  these cards do.  here are the backs with the kid's totals.

 upper deck
 score select
he's still got the ball on all three cards, as if there were any doubt.  i love the lurking (colliding) mike scioscia on the select card, complete with the dodger stadium locale, but all three are great.  no spring training posed shots here - it's all action, all the time.  topps might get the nod from me, due in some part to the full career stats on the back, but it's not a slam dunk.

i'll be on a final tribute kick over the next few weeks - i've been doing some organizing.  unfortunately, not all of the cards will be as nice as carter's, which are pretty much perfection on cardboard.  stay tuned, though - i'm interested to know which ones you think are best.

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Nick said...

I'll have to pick up that Score Select card sometime, I'd never seen that "tribute" piece before.