08 May 2012

some dodger cards, in order

of course, the order is up to me.  these are some cards i received from the angels in order a while back.  good stuff, including this card which i had neither seen nor heard of.  it's a 1993 upper deck foldouts card of la's own darryl strawberry.  here are the front and back sides of the card:
i love that part of the text can stand today just as it was written back then - 'in his only healthy season with the dodgers (1991)...' - although shawn green obliterated the la dodger record for homers by a lefty.  here's the insides:
look at darryl put out some serious effort to catch the ball; going over the low railing in right field and fighting the fans!  here are some more docile fans hanging out on eric karros' 1997 topps card:
that card always makes me laugh because of fabio's throwing style - all elbows.  he probably played first base from a young age.

here's bill madlock on a 1987 fleer star sticker card that is also a sticker
the mad dog is playing it free and easy with his bat there in the photo.  if that's mike marshall standing behind him, i am guessing general soreness is about to miss a few games.

also going one-handed with his bat is tim wallach on this 1995 leaf card
i don't recall wallach subscribing to the 'windmill' swing that has been the topic of some discussion up here thanks to justin morneau, but i do remember vividly how mike piazza would finish off his swings one-handed.  just as he is shown on this 1995 upper deck collector's choice se card
(silver signatrue edition, that is).  not to be outdone, wilton guerrero (vladdy's little brother) also goes for a single handed approach, although he probably bunted the ball that is about to hit him on his way to first for an out on this 1998 topps card
that rookie cup was probably the peak of wilton's career.  i was pretty disappointed that he didn't pan out.  i am not disappointed with the cards i received, however.  i'll show one more - a 1997 upper deck collector's choice card of jackie robinson
it's not a final tribute, of course, but it does have jackie's career stats on the back and that fancy 'tribute' logo on the front.  the card is a nice reminder of the 50th anniversary of jackie's debut, and everybody was sporting the special jackie robinson patch back in 1997, even the angels.

thanks for the trade tom!

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