09 September 2010

getting caught up with the out of place guys

as fas as out of place guys go, luis gonzalez didn't have that bad of a season with the dodgers in 2007
however, we dodger fans resented him for blocking matt kemp and then complaining about losing playing time late in the season to the bison.  after 15 home runs and a .278 average, gonzalez went back to florida.
that opened the door for ned to inexplicably sign andruw jones for the 2008 season
jones hit .158 in 75 soul sucking games for the dodgers.  it's hard to believe how long it took joe torre to sit andruw down.
thankfully, ned resisted the urge to sign some other washed up outfielder for the 2009 season.  instead, he brought in orlando hudson to replace jeff kent. 
things started out well for hudson - he hit the first dodger cycle since 1970 in the dodgers' home opener and made the all star team.  but, as the season went on, he fell out of favor and was actually benched in favor of ronnie belliard.  he and his gold glove wound up in minnesota.

along with another out of place guy from 2009 - jim thome
ned wanted a matt stairs of his very own, and got thome from the white sox just before rosters expanded.  in 17 games, which means 17 pinch hit appearances, thome had 4 hits (all singles), 3 rbi and 7 strikeouts.  he was also 1 for 3 in the postseason (also just a single).  still, it's cool that there are a number of cards featuring thome as a dodger and i am happy he is doing so well in minnesota this year.

that brings us up to date with the evolution of the out of place guys (i profiled this year's entry garret anderson previously).  i can't wait to see who ned brings on board next year...

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Ryan aka Orioles Magic said...

I like your out of place guys theme. The Orioles always seem to have plenty of those types and I might have to steal your idea to use on my blog one day.