08 March 2014

abercrombie & thurston

i completed a dodger team set recently.  it is the pretty much forgettable 2001 topps reserve, of which i have several copies of cards featuring adrian beltre, kevin brown, gary sheffield, shawn green, and eric karros.  heck, i got all five of those cards in a crackin' wax box break last year.

unfortunately for me, topps short printed 50 cards in the set - all rookies - and numbered them to /1500. the dodgers had two players in that part of the set, and i tracked them down late last year.

reggie abercrombie
 and joe thurston
abercrombie went from the dodgers to the diamondbacks as part of the steve finley trade in 2004 before cracking the big leagues with the marlins in 2006.  he played for the marlins again in 2007 and then finished his big league career with the astros in 2008.

as for thurston, he made it to the majors as a dodger in 2002 and had additional cups of coffee with the team in 2003 and 2004.  he's appeared in the majors with four other teams since then (phillies, red sox, cardinals, and marlins) and appeared in 124 games for saint louis in 2009.  he's bounced around more than his major league stats might suggest, however, as from the dodgers he went to the yankees, followed by stints with the phillies, nationals, phillies again, red sox, cardinals, braves, marlins, astros, phillies again, and the twins.  after spending 2013 in the mexican league, thurston signed a minor league deal with the brewers for 2014.  he's not done yet.  but i am, with this team set.

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