01 March 2014

patching up my steve garvey collection

i've got a pretty good steve garvey card collection.  my collection also includes some non-card items, but it is by no means a complete collection.  in the past, i've removed some of those non-card items from the collection and shipped them off to padrographs or ebay auctions, so i am not concerned about being a completist.  besides, i know that i do not even have the best steve garvey collection in the blogosphere.  that achievement is reserved for curt at 1978, the year it all began.

over the past 15 years or so, curt and i have battled each other on ebay and traded with each other through our blogs.  most recently, i agreed to send curt my only garvey bronze parallel from 2004 upper deck legends in order for him to complete his garvey bronze set (there are four garvey cards in that particular set, each one coming with a bronze parallel numbered to 50).  the only one i had of the four was the only one he needed.  he offered to trade a duplicate, and i figured i would help a fellow garvey collector out, even though it created a hole in my collection.  one of many holes, so not much of a big deal.

curt added a few other items to his end of the deal, including this lightly soiled 1979 baseball patch
that's a penn emblem patch, to be precise.  i used to have a garvey photo patch i think.  or maybe it was a steve yeager photo patch.  i don't recall.

how about a 1985 topps tiffany garvey record breaker?
not new to the collection, but new to the blog.

and now here's the bronze parallel card i received to replace the outgoing one in my collection - it's the 1974 subset card, featuring a photo that is not from 1974
numbered 37/50 with dodger stadium on the back
i still plan to show my full garvey collection here on the blog later this year.  it won't be complete, but that's ok.  it's exactly what i want it to be.

curt - thanks for the trade and your patience.  i will send your card out this weekend.


Fuji said...

That was cool of you to give up your bronze parallel to help him out. I've been in similar situations and I understand how difficult it can be sometimes... even when you know you're getting something just as rare in return.

As for that patch... I've never seen those before. Looks like I have another thing on my list to research.

Nick said...

I just picked up the Mark Fidrych one of those patches. They're way cool.