27 March 2014

through the mail thursday - chris potter and the autographed cards

a couple of days ago, i received a package from chris potter sports.  it contained the four cards that i had sent in for their february signing tour.  i had a credit left over from their last tour (matt keough had cancelled) so cashed in for a couple different 1978 topps autos.  i also sprung for a couple of dodger signatures.

1974 topps tom paciorek
i had made a couple of freebie attempts through the mail with paciorek, better known for his days as a white sox broadcaster, with no success.  i chose his 1974 card rather than, say, his 1978 topps card because dodger cards take priority over non-dodger 1978 topps cards in my autograph collection.

1978 o-pee-chee rick rhoden
rhoden had sent me a few bonus signed cards while fulfilling a request i sent with his 1978 topps card and a $10 donation a while back.  i was happy to spend another $10 to get this canadian issue signed.

here are the two cards that i got signed using the matt keough credit - 1978 topps sixto lezcano
and 1978 topps tom hume
i was pretty pleased to see sixto signing for cheap, because, well, his name is sixto.  as for hume, i remember him as one of the people that was rescued from the 1980 mgm fire in las vegas first and a reliever second.  i sent a different copy of this card to steve mccatty a couple of years ago, which he signed, but i figured i would let hume have a clean card to sign.

thanks again to chris potter sports and to the players for signing!

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