01 March 2014

running with rhubarb

it's been a while since i completed my latest trade with the rhubarb runner at e rayhan rayhahn. someday, i would like to have my want lists as complete and organized as rhubarb runner.  until that day, i will accept any smattering of dodger cards.  anyway, for some carefully culled twins cards, i received a very nice load of dodgers.

2013 topps triple threads sandy koufax
oh, so now we're just including triple threads koufax cards in our trade packages?  no big deal, i guess.  and, where there's koufax, there's likely duke snider
yes, of the 2012 topps gypsy queen variety.  but what about pee wee, you ask?  don't worry, he's here too.

2005 upper deck mvp batter up! insert
the package wasn't all brooklyn glory - here's a 2013 topps hanley ramirez emerald parallel
and a 2013 topps chrome matt kemp die cut insert
kemp was also represented by 2006 bowman draft
and a 2006 bowman draft gold parallel
here's a 2005 upper deck pros & prospects yhency brazoban card
yhency filled in for eric gagne as the team's closer for a while.  that was during the time that i was reading and commenting on jon weisman's 'dodger thoughts' blog.  someone over there coined the phrase 'ghame over' when yhency was pitching.  there were even t-shirts made.  good times.

not so much good times with nori nakamura.  he flamed out pretty quickly, but there are still a few cards of his to be had by dodger collectors.  this one is from 2005 leaf certified.
last, and actually probably least, is a 2005 donruss diamond kings paul loduca dual relic
thanks for the trade david!  i'll be checking your want lists again soon!

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