27 March 2014

through the mail thursday - a sign of lopes

well, you knew i had to have one of these - a 2014 topps heritage davey lopes real one on-card certified auto
the second baseman of the team of my youth is looking fierce!  i probably overpaid to get one of the first of these that i came across, but i don't mind.  i appreciate the fact that topps is giving him some attention.

that wasn't the only lopes auto that i received in the mail recently, however.  much to my surprise and delight, lopes has begun to sign through the mail after several years of not doing so.  after seeing a return from the dodgers' spring training facility, i sent a couple of cards and received them back in short order.  he signed a 2004 upper deck legends timeless teams (i really do plan to finish my other blog this year, honestly) card
which looks like it uses a photo from the same shoot as the heritage card, and a 1981 fleer card
i sent him the fleer card because of the smile and the fact that his name is misspelled.  it actually looks like he signed 'davy'.  that's pretty funny if true.

thank for signing my cards davy davey!

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