13 March 2014

waiting for a decision on 2014 topps heritage

blissfully unaware of the delays topps has announced for 2014 heritage, i swung through the card aisle on a recent trip to target.  no heritage, obviously, and so i was left to wonder whether i would have bought any had it been there.  up until a few weeks ago i was all in for 2014 heritage.  i am a fan of the 1965 topps design, and i hadn't tried to complete a heritage set since 2001, the first year.  that was somewhat of a disaster as the box i had pre-ordered (before the prices went crazy) never showed up and i was left to fend for myself with all the other people who went bananas over the 1952 topps design and short prints galore.

standing in the card aisle, i got to thinking.  i still haven't finished that 2001 set, in fact, i don't even have a want list posted.  it is such a low priority.  and, i am still trying to finish the 2003 upper deck vintage set (i do have a want list for that one) which shamelessly ripped off the 1965 topps design.  pretty much all i have left are short prints - ichiro, mike piazza, and the like plus most of the 3d cards.

i did pick up a few short prints last year, like mark mcgwire
raul mondesi
alex ochoa
and jay payton
plus the richie sexson 3d card
i would be happy to have the complete set minus the 3d cards which seem to be pretty tough to find.

i also reminded myself that i had decided that the 1965 topps set would be the one set from that decade that i would actually try to complete.  i have my sampler set which would mean that i'm not starting from scratch.  and, to get the ball rolling, here's my 1965 topps want list, and here are some cards from my dodger team set that have been waiting patiently in my scanned folder.

willie crawford/john werhas
first card for willie, second for john

willie davis
and tommy davis
because two davises are better than one.

and finally, wally moon
because, you know, the unibrow.

so, what it all means is that the next time i'm in the card aisle, i may well pick up a pack or two of heritage, but i've got other set building priorities.  i think.


Mark Hoyle said...

I would stick to the original 65 set myself

Swing And A Pop-up said...

Nice. I'm sure you'll probably finish 2003 way before the 1965 set.