30 March 2014

sunday morning target dodgers

here are another 14 members of the dodger franchise from the 1990 target set.  there were a lot of ghostly images on this particular sheet.  let's see what we can learn from baseball reference about them, shall we?

pete cassidy
pete, not a known relation to butch, played in all of 6 games for the superbas in 1899 before they traded him to the washington senators.  he looks a lot like doc casey, if you ask me.

dick cox
good lord, what a name by today's standards.  the weird thing is that his name was actually elmer joseph cox.  no richard to be found.  anyway, he played two years of major league ball, both with the robins.  in 1925, his rookie year, he hit .329 in 122 games.

cliff curtis
curtis joined the dodgers during the 1912 season and was 4-7 in 19 appearances.  he returned for the 1913 season, and posted a 8-9 record in 30 games for  the superbas as they were then known.  he didn't play in 1914 when the franchise changed their name for a third year in a row, this time to the robins.

wally gilbert
gilbert did play for the robins, although not until the 1930's.  he was the team's third baseman from 1928 through 1931, but was traded to the reds prior to the 1932 season.

jake hehl
hehl appeared in one game for the robins in 1918, and that was it for his major league career.  he pitched 1 inning, allowing no hits or runs, although he did hit a batter.  he was 18 at the time - the youngest player in the league - and was a pitcher at a brooklyn high school brought in to replace players lost to military service.  i wonder what he did with the rest of his life.

chet kehn
kehn had three times the big league experience as hehl.  he pitched in three games during his career, all with the dodgers in 1942.  he also got two at bats in that time, and while his career era was 7.04, his lifetime batting average was 1.000.  not too many people can say that!

dick loftus
loftus played for the robins in 1924 and 1925, the only two years he spent in the major leagues.  he hit .250 in a total of 97 games.

charlie malay
malay has the distinction of being the second baseman on the worst team in franchise history - the 1905 superbas.  he hit .252 that year, which also happened to be his lone season in the big leagues.

larry miller
miller made his big league debut in 1964, pitching for the defending world champion dodgers against the reds.  he wound up 4-8 on the season, but did go 2 for 2 at the plate in each of his first two games - the last dodger to do so until yasiel puig came around last season.  miller was traded to the mets following the 1964 season, and his only win for the ny metropolitans came against his former club on june 20, 1965.

earl mossor
mossor spent 12 seasons in the minor leagues with just one taste of big league experience.  in 1951, the dodgers brought him up and he pitched in 3 games.  in his debut, he allowed a sacrifice fly to the first batter he faced, and then walked the next three (all of whom eventually scored) before being removed.  he pitched two-thirds of an inning his next time out without allowing a run, but his third and final appearance included another sacrifice fly (scoring an inherited runner), three more walks (one intentional), and a three-run home run in two-thirds of an inning for a whopping 32.40 career era.  still, mossor is another guy that retired with a 1.000 career batting average, as he was 1 for 1 at the plate.

red smith
smith played for the dodgers, superbas, and robins from 1911 until he was traded to the boston braves during the 1914 season.  he hit .279 in 397 games during that span and led the league with 40 doubles in 1913.

farmer steelman
steelman played for the superbas in 1 game during the 1900 season, and 1 game during the 1901 season.  he left brooklyn and joined connie mack's new american league team in philadephia for the rest of the 1901 season and played for mack again in 1902.

overton tremper
tremper was an ivy leaguer who played for the robins in 1927 and 1928.  he had a degree in economics from the university of pennsylvania, and after hitting .220 in 36 games over two seasons, he became a high school math teacher.

rube vickers
harry porter 'rube' vickers was a canadian born pitcher who appeared in 4 games for the superbas in 1903.  he was 0-1 in those appearances which included one start.  he resurfaced in 1907, pitching for connie mack's a's, and had his best season in 1908 going 18-19 with a 2.21 era for philadelphia.

so there you have it - 14 guys i hadn't heard of before.  the 15th player featured on this sheet gets his own post later today. stay tuned.

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