05 March 2014

the ring is the thing and other random cards from my scanned folder

i've got a lot of cards that have been sitting in my scanned folder for extended periods of time.  this post will show some of them - kind of a 'why did i scan this card' post.

can you guess which company made this card?
the first time i saw one of these 'ring leader' inserts, i would have bet dollars to donuts that this was a pacific release.  nope.  it comes from 1995 topps stadium club.  molitor got his ring with the blue jays in 1993, and every player in florida and arizona right now is hoping to get one 8 months from now.

1984 topps bob bailor
i really don't know why i scanned that card.  bailor had a 1984 topps traded card that featured him as a dodger.

1993 upper deck joey cora
1993 upper deck lou whitaker (back)
and 1997 upper deck jay bell
those three were obviously meant for a rundown/pickle post.

1997 upper deck mike mcfarlane
a long time ago, i posted cards featuring plays at the plate.  this is a pretty good one, but i no longer have a patp mini collection going.

1998 fleer ultra brady anderson
this card is all about the vein-y forearm.

1998 upper deck ray durham
slammin' sammy sosa sliding in!

2003 fleer flair greats gaylord perry
here's the hall of famer suited up for his company softball team.  seriously, though, perry pitched for the pads in the late 1970's which would put him at 39 or 40 in this photo.  i am older than that, and i hope i don't look as old as he does for at least another 20 years.

2003 topps stadium club carlos delgado
i like the fact that the fans in the photo have three different ways to catch the ball - one guy has a bare hand, another has a glove, and the third guy has his hat ready. all that's missing is a guy with a souvenir cup. it looks like the hat guy already has a ball in his left hand, so maybe the hat works.

2009 topps billy butler
i think i was struck by the uncommon angle of the photo used on that card, although after i looked into it, there were more cards like this than i thought.

here's a mike piazza 1997 upper deck card
whose back shows slammin' sammy sosa sliding in
maybe i was going to do a slidin' sammy post.

last but not least, here's a 1961 topps bob aspromonte card
i don't need a reason to scan some vintage dodger goodness.


The Junior Junkie said...

Brady's arm is gross.

Nick said...

"Can you guess which company made this card?"

I was almost certain something that crazy had to come from Pacific.

CaptKirk42 said...

Wacky Crazy Stadium Club stuff. Wow before I noticed the telltale "TSC" in the lower left I too would have thought Pinnacle/Pacific possibly Fleer hey it was the 90s.

Fuji said...

Those Stadium Club Ring Leader inserts are amazing. I'd love to build that set one day.