17 March 2014

the harry caray memorial patch

i know i have already shown this card, but i don't think i did so in a proper memorial post fashion.  it is the 1999 fleer tradition rod beck card featuring the harry caray memorial patch, it is one of my favorite cards, and it is the card that inspired me to begin my memorials collection.
the card also shows up in my memorials collection want list, which i have recently updated.

caray, who broadcast cardinal games for 25 years before moving on to oakland and then chicago where he worked in the booth for the white sox.  after the 1981 season, he moved to the north side and took up residence in wrigley field.

he worked for the cubs and gained national exposure thanks to wgn from 1982 up until his death in february of 1998.  i didn't make my first trip to wrigley until april of that year, so i missed out on seeing him in person, but there was no doubt that he was still there in spirit.


Nick said...

That is an AWESOME card. I'll have to see if I can spot any Caray patches in my Cubs binders.

P-town Tom said...

If you ever acquire a dupe of that awesome Beck card you'll have to let me know. I have a mini Rod Beck collection (Cubs uniforms only). The patch makes the card!