19 March 2014

my 1957 topps sampler set

time to show my 1957 topps sampler set.  this one is different from the others in that i have decided that completing this set is one of my collecting 'stretch' goals.  so, i will take the dodgers out of here for my team set (completed!), but look to replace them in the future as a i build the set.  i like the colors on the cards, plus the fact that it is the first set at the now standard card size.  here's my want list, by the way.

as a reminder, the sampler set consists of (at least) one card from every team, plus (at least) one card from every subset.  in 1957, there were still only 16 teams.  there were also team cards, a league presidents card, and for the first time, combo cards.
so my combo card is the dodger sluggers card which made sense.  at some point i will have to get the mantle/berra combo.  zoinks.  the elmer valo card may well be my favorite non-dodger card in the set, although there are a lot of great cards that i don't have yet.

here's the backs of the first sampler sheet
some with cartoons, some without, but all with the orientation that i believe is the best - the wrist twist toward you back orientation.  it's what 1978 topps had, so i took that to be the correct orientation.

i'll probably start my set building with a random lot and try to pick up some of the star cards here and there over the next, oh, 20 years or so.  should be fun.

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Play at the Plate said...

Looks good Jim. It's nice to have a long term goal.