15 March 2014

double plays through the mail

i mentioned in the post earlier this morning that reader mark sent along some double play cards.  before we get to them, here is a 1970-72 fleer cloth sticker that was also included in one of the trade packages he sent.
i was thrown at first because all of the fleer stickers i have seen from that era have the 'la' logo on its side (along with a border surrounding the logo sticker), but a closer look tells me that the sticker here was likely removed and reapplied in its proper orientation.  it's pretty cool.  thanks mark.  and thanks for these new-to-me double plays.

1991 donruss ron oester
1991 fleer ultra greg gagne
i can't believe i haven't found this gagne in a dime box up here in twins territory.  same for this 1999 topps pat meares.
yes, i consider pretty much any 2nd base bag straddle to be a part of a dp turn.

just like this 1992 donruss jody reed card
although this 1992 donruss curtis wilkerson is easier to recognize as a double play turn
here's a nice 1992 upper deck card of tony phillips
on which he appears to have upended cal ripken jr who was just trying to complete the twin killing.

there's a dp turn on the back of bill doran's 1993 donruss card
as well as the front of marcus giles' 2007 topps opening day card
i've got some more stuff that mark sent to showcase later today.  stay tuned...

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Nick said...

That's a weird angle on the Phillips "double dip".