13 March 2014

meanwhile, back on tatooine...

…baseball players are still looking for those pesky droids.

1993 upper deck had a few shots from the desert planet - bret saberhagen
jeff blauser
damon buford
and ron darling
two years later, they were back with sandy alomar in their flagship set
and ivan rodriguez in the collector's choice special edition set
along with lou whitaker, although this one is a silver signature parallel
1999 topps featured albert belle running from sand people
and 2000 fleer impact has sean casey sliding somewhere outside mos eisley
just as carlos beltran is doing on his 2000 topps stadium club
jason bay is making good time out running in for some of aunt beru's home cooking on his 2010 topps chrome card
finally, here's ernie banks kicking up some dust on a 2001 topps archives card
still no sign of the droids or those stolen plans, though.


defgav said...

It's a trap!

JediJeff said...

If you had a Krayt dragon behind you, you would run too.

Fuji said...

Dang it. I thought this was a SW post. I should've listened to defgav. Cool cards though.

Cards from the Quarry said...

I have two questions after looking at those cards.

1. Why is Ron Darling playing first base? It just seems like an odd place for him to be photographed.

2. What stadium is Ivan Rodriguez playing in? There should be a lot of grass visible from that photo angle.