03 March 2014

an initials memorial for the rangers' owner

eddie chiles, the owner of the texas rangers for most of the 1980's, was remembered by the team after he died in august of 1993.  for the remainder of the season, the rangers wore his initials, hec (his full name was harrell edmonds chiles) on their right sleeve.  you can see about half of the memorial on kenny rogers' 1994 topps card.
even with all of the cards manufactured in 1994, this is the only example of the patch that i could find.  i guess the rangers weren't photographed much late in the 1993 season.

chiles purchased the team in 1980 and sold it in 1989 to the group that included george w. bush.  he had made his fortune with an oil services firm, the western company of north america, and was responsible for bringing nolan ryan to the rangers shortly before selling the team.

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