15 March 2014

hats off to reader mark

reader mark has certainly made his mark around the blogs with some nice trade packages, and he has been kind enough to include yours truly in on the fun.  i've received two packages from him to date with quite an assortment of cards.  here is a small sample.

this is the back of tim leary's 1989 topps big card.  look at all the different hats tim leary wears.
a sombrero (not unlike bip roberts or bill russell), some sort of viking helmet, and a mortarboard.  any one of these hats will work for a tip in mark's direction.

here's another 1989 topps big card.  it's the back of mike marshall's card 
marshall made his big league debut on september 7, 1981 by pinch running for steve garvey in the first inning after the garv hit an rbi single.  marshall came up a couple of innings later and did indeed double in his first big league at bat.  that would mean that ed whitson is shown here calling marshall a young punk.

here's a 1986 topps pedro guerrero box bottom card
not a bad hand cut specimen

1994 fleer flair tim wallach
i recall buying a single pack of 1993 flair.  i didn't bother with the 1994 release, so i am still playing catch up.

mark also included some cards of the players from the team of my youth, like davey lopes on a 1987 fleer card
and charlie hough on a 1989 fleer card
plus he sent along some double plays.  this is a 1995 topps mickey morandini card
with what i believe to be brett butler sliding in.  mark also sent the cyberstat parallel
a quick look at baseball reference leads me to believe that this play is from july 17, 1994, and that raul mondesi is about to be thrown out at first.

i'll post some other double plays that mark sent a little later.  stay tuned...

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Mark Hoyle said...

I can't take the credit for the handcut box bottom. It was included in a stack I picked up somewhere.