22 March 2014

ramon is nomar spelled backwards

happy 46th birthday to ramon martinez!  the pitcher, not the infielder, in case you were confused.  here are a bunch of ramon's cards that i have had scanned for a while.

first up, a trio of cards from sports collectors digest - from 1990 a 1957 style card
from 1991 a 1971 style card
and from 1992 a 1974 style card
fast forward to 1996 and here's a golden memories insert from fleer
ramon's golden memory is, of course, his no-hitter against the marlins on july 14, 1995.  here's the back of the card, complete with a photo of ramon wearing a batting helmet.
here's a die cut card from 1995 upper deck sp championship.
ramon made his first postseason appearance in 1995.  he also pitched for the dodgers in the 1996 nlds, but didn't get to a league championship series until he went to the red sox for the 1999 season.

last but not least, here's a 1989 topps rookie card of ramon
it's quite colorful, thanks to the dodger stadium backdrop.  i sent that particular card in to a signing a couple of years ago - i think through hall of fame sports.

happy birthday ramon!

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