17 March 2014

the ernie harwell memorial patch

i didn't know it until a few years ago, but ernie harwell began his major league announcing career with the dodgers.  brought in by branch rickey to sub for the ailing red barber, harwell broadcast dodger games in 1948 and 1949.  he moved on to the new york giants and then the baltimore orioles before settling down in detroit in 1960.  he left his mark on motown, broadcasting tiger games for 32 years before he was let go following the 1991 season.  however, the tigers came under new ownership in 1993, and mike ilitch brought harwell back to call games, and ernie did so until his retirement after the 2002 season.

harwell made a few guest announcing appearances following his retirement, but in 2009 he announced that he had cancer of the bile duct.  he passed away on may 4, 2010, and the tigers quickly added a memorial patch with his initials to their right sleeves.

i initially was going to use this 2011 topps card as the representative in my memorial binder - you can see the patch on brennan boesch's sleeve

but instead, i decided to go with this 2011 topps jose valverde card
you can see the patch a little more clearly on the valverde card, plus the detroit stars negro league unis add a touch of flair to the binder.

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BaseSetCalling said...

Thanks! Hadn't spied these in my cards yet!

Far too little Ernie in the world of cardboard.