07 March 2014

why not hondo?

sometimes i look through my scanned folder for fodder for a quick post.  this morning is one of those times.  there are cards in there that i have passed over countless times, not sure exactly how to squeeze a time constrained post out of them.  well, today i passed over frank howard no longer.  because frank howard deserves a post.

just like he deserved to be in the 2001 fleer focus 'roy collection' relic insert set.  and he was!
the 1960 nl rookie of the year took home the hardware over, among others, fourth place finisher ron santo.  howard was the fourth dodger to win the award.

here's a 1962 topps howard
it's tinted, as you can see when you look at this next copy of his 1962 topps card
that one is signed by the capital punisher himself, thanks to a hall of fame sports signing.  i also sent in a copy of howard's 1965 topps to that signing a couple of years ago.
i am so glad that howard got a dodger card in the 1965 set when the other players in the big trade were shown as senators.

speaking of 1965 topps, i think i might seek out some 2014 topps heritage today so i don't have to scramble for a post in a few days...

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CaptKirk42 said...

Cool more love for Hondo!