14 March 2014

that's the back, jack!

jose uribe and the giants may not have finished spring training on their own (i am going really far to complete the 'stripes' reference), but he's got a nice double play turn on the back of his 1989 upper deck card.
it is reminiscent of a 1973 topps card photo.  i like it very much.

also turning two on the back of their 1989 upper deck cards were glenn hubbard
rex hudler
and steve jeltz
rich amaral was about to make the pivot on the back of his 1993 upper deck card
and john finn had already done so on the back of his 1992 upper deck minors card
many times, upper deck used photos from the same play on the front and backs. such is the case with finn's card - here's the front.
such is not the case with john valentin's 1994 upper deck collector's choice card, as he is turning two at home in fenway on the back
while he is on the road on tatooine on the front
but, the backs of joey cora's 1997 upper deck collector's choice card
jose valentin's 1997 leaf card
and scott spiezio's 1998 upper deck card
are all continuations of the play on the fronts
and that's the fact, jack.

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