17 October 2013

update value box

rather than list out all of the cards that i found in the value/hanger box of 2013 topps update, i'll just hit the highlights.  for me, the highlight was this yasiel puig target red parallel
in one of the loose packs i pulled his 'rookie debut' card, and this is his 'record chase' checklist card.  still need just his regular old base card

here's brian wilson on an emerald parallel
during game 5 of the nlcs, craig sager mentioned that wilson claims to not have shaved since 2007.  i thought it was 2010.  i don't mind as long as he keeps pitching as he has been lately.

alex gordon gold parallel
it shouldn't be any different than years past, but i feel like the gold parallels are a bit scarcer.  this was the only one i found in my purchase.

jose fernandez making their mark insert
it will be interesting to see how the rookie of the year voting shakes out.

mariano rivera 1971 topps mini
and mariano rivera record chase checklist
what are the chances that topps puts rivera in the 2014 set with a true final tribute?

troy tulowitzki chasing history insert
and a relic!  of marco scutaro.
i have pulled more giants inserts and parallels this year than any other team.  i don't think it's just because they were world series champs last year and have overpopulated sets this year - i think someone is messing with my collecting mojo.

cody allen
wears the mothers' day pink ribbon, while

gerrit cole
wears the fathers' day blue ribbon.  cole is pitching against the dodgers on his card, by the way.

dewayne wise
makes another nice looking catch.  in front of minnie minoso, no less.  i wish the dodgers would follow the white sox and cardinals and put the murals back on the outfield wall.

dylan axelrod
wearing the ron kittle era uniforms.

michael young
still a phillie.  i wonder if we will get a dodger card of young in 2014.  i don't believe he will be back, and if he happens to sign elsewhere quickly, he'll probably be airbrushed into a different uniform by the time flagship releases.

i'll finish with this yadier molina card from the all-star game subset
i am not a fan of all the all-star game cards in the update set, but at least there are a few with this non-standard vantage point.  which means that joe mauer (and molina, too) is lurking in quite a few cards in the set.

i still need to scan and post the stuff from the blaster of update.  probably for tomorrow.


Cards from the Quarry said...

A few comments from the peanut gallery.

1. Wasn't Brian Wilson clean shaven on his 2011 Topps Heritage card?

2. The gold cards this year are only for Update, last year Update included all three series as gold. That's why they seemed less rare.

3. I'm going with my standard comment on this one. If Mariano Rivera deserves a send off card, then so does Todd Helton. Rivera is going to be up there with Ripken in terms of being an overrated legend IMHO.

4. I know this is a Dodgers blog and all, but you have to admit that it is massive overkill to have 3 Puig cards in a 330 card set. Granted Topps did it for Harper and Strasburg too, but that doesn't make it right.

gcrl said...

1. Agree. That was my point - that the beard started in 2010 during the playoff run. 2011 heritage used a 2010 spring training photo.
2. Thanks. That explains things.
3. Agree. I would like to see a Todd helton final tribute as well
4. Also agree. I made a sarcastic comment in that regard yesterday. I would prefer Topps go back to a 132 card update set without all the allstar nonsense.

View From the Skybox said...


Last year the gold border cards fell 1 in 2 or 3 packs in the blasters, but they included golds from Series 1,2 and Update.

Nick said...

I'd love to see an official Rivera final tribute in 2014. It'd be nice to have one with his complete stats on the back. And I hope Topps makes a Michael Young Dodger card next year as well.

Community Gum said...

I'd rather Topps not get into the habit of giving final tribute cards to retiring players. I like Mo and all, but why is he worthy of a card send off and other future hall of famers perhaps were not?

Also, I think the All-Star cards would make for a fun, large insert set. And no, I don't count the relics.