11 October 2013

play at the platinum

everybody's favorite rangers fan sent me a few cards last week.  brian from play at the plate had been holding a 2013 bowman platinum prospects yasiel puig card for me, and it headlined the package.
that card goes alongside the top prospects insert of puig that i found in a pack a while back.

brian also sent a 2001 upper deck sp game bat milestone edition of former dodger and current ranger third baseman, adrian beltre
it touts beltre's international connection, but upper deck leaves it to you to figure out that he is from the dominican republic.  hope you know your country flags kids!

the rest of the cards were all from 2013 bowman platinum.  here's a gold parallel of adrian gonzalez
and a die-cut cutting edge insert of hanley ramirez
he has a kind of 'bizarro' superman look on his face, i think.

the last card of the package from patp was this purple parallel from 2013 bowman platinum chrome prospects
which reminds me - i picked up another value pack of 2013 bowman platinum at target a couple of weeks ago.  i won't bore you with the stuff in the regular packs, just the purple parallels that came in the exclusive pack.

justin nicolino of the marlins
jeez i wish there were a marlins collector out there...

joc pederson! a dodger!
i've seen some writers speculate that pederson could be part of a package to get tampa bay to let go of david price.  i'm not ready for hot stove season gossip just yet.

here's the third card from the purple pack - it's the guy from the top of this post, yasiel puig!
that's some good karma from the card aisle.

thanks for the cards brian!  i'll send you some more soon.

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Play at the Plate said...

Don't know how I missed this one. Glad you liked the cards. I just opened your most recent package! Thanks.